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Spoken Malayalam

Malayalm is the language of  Kerala. Kerala is known as the God’s own country then we suppose malayalam is a godly langauge.

It is spoken by almost 40 million people, which is approximately the population of Spain, and is larger than the population of Canada. There are a lot of different reasons someone might want to learn Malayalam like Perhaps you really like Malayalam movies !

Apart from it kerala is known to be god’s own country. Every one must at least visit there once in their life.

Malyalam is very easy to write and speak when compared to english or any other western language

We have Panel of Best tutors who are native Malyalam speakers and also well versed in teaching in spoken Malayalam classes in Chennai by which you can Get accustomed to the way native speakers speak in real (casual) Malayalam conversation So Call “Jaya Language Academy” @  9551941475 and register yourself for the course of spoken Malayalam classes in Chennai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning malayalm is easy with right approach and dynamic training which is offered by us.Rhythm and pronounciation is the key to sound like a native speaker in malayalam.
Yes, We have the best spoken malayalam class in chennai. Dial +91 9551941475 and start learning.
Yes, without any doubt. We also provide movie references.
Yes, it is. But remember every language has its own unique feature.When you learn the language you learn it better.
Yes, We also provide malayalam classes through Hindi & other language too.
Legend goes like “If you’re good at something never do it for free”.