What should the minimum or maximum age of the learner must be? (Eligibility)

Anyone above 12 (minimum), and trust us we have trained to 90 years old too. Enthusiasm and desire is the key.

But I don’t even know the Hindi  alphabets ?

We have a created an unique methodology which does not require you to learn the alphabets of Hindi, which enables you to Speak Hindi day 1 itself.

How do I learn Spoken Hindi online? (Online Classes)

Starting to learn Hindi online is more easier in today’s technology advancement. Just call +91 9551941475 and dtart learning.

How to learn hindi fast?

By learning the precise prononciation, sentence strucutre with a blend of bolloywood ingredients. In short, in the best spoken hindi classes in chennai, That’s us.

I have zero knowledge in Hindi, can I join?

The lesser you know the faster and quicker you learn. Our course is exclusively designed for people like you.

I have passed prachar sabha exams in Hindi and also learnt hindi as a subject in school but now I am unable to speak Hindi fluently ? (Lack of fluency)

That’s because you have learnt the literature part not the spoken version of Hindi. You must definitely join to touch up your grammar to speak Hindi fluently and confidently without any stuck.

Do you have any special training program for Foreigners/Celebrities to learn Spoken Hindi ?

Yes ,we have special training program for foreigners/Celebrities which will make you feel comfortable in learning Spoken hindi.

If I get any doubts in Hindi, can I write to you?

Being a learner at “Jaya language academy” anyone is welcome to clarify his or her doubts.

Will I be given any materials for spoken hindi?

Yes, materials will be provided for FREE, For online spoken Hindi learners the materials will be sent to you.

Another Institute charges much lesser than you for spoken hindi class, why should I pay you more?

Quality matters .You can get things in less money but to get worthy things you need to spend some more.


How to improve my english?

Regular practice of English speaking with your teacher will help you practice more. You will understand your opportunity areas and eventually you will gain confidence naturally.

How long is the spoken English course?

After an assessment, your selected course’s syllabus is carefully designed and customized so as to meet your precise purpose of learning English communication online.

How can I learn Spoken English for free?

Legend goes like “If you’re good at something never do it for free”.

How will you help in achieiving fluency?

we help you to identify your mistakes in grammar and frame sentences correctly. You also learn to speak with proper pronunciation and articulation.

Do you conduct online spoken english classes in chennai?

You get tailor made customized online spoken English classes as per your level, requirements and profession.

Do you conduct Spoken english class through tamil?

Yes, we do.


How can I learn Telugu on my own?

Yes, you can.Without a proper method you will feel lost in the ocean of language learning. The worst part of self learning is ending up with wrong pronounciation.

Can I learn Telugu online?

Learning telugu online with tutor’s help is highly easy and efffective in today’s technology. Just dial or whatsapp +91 9551941475 !

Is Telugu difficult to learn?

Telugu is a phonetic language bleded with right inotations can be like a piece of cake.

How can I speak fluently in Telugu?

By learning the basic sounds,proper grammer with sugar coated conversations will enhance your fluency.

Do you have Spoken telugu classes in chennai?

Yes, We have the best spoken telugu classes in chennai.

Can I learn to read and write in telugu after your course?

No, Spoken telugu is a different course which doesn’t include reading or writing. But we do have a seperate course for that.


Can I learn Malayalam online?

Learning malayalm is easy with right approach and dynamic training which is offered by us.Rhythm and pronounciation is the key to sound like a native speaker in malayalam.

Do you have Spoken malayalam classes in chennai?

Yes, We have the best spoken malayalam class in chennai. Dial +91 9551941475 and start learning.

Will I be able to understand malayalam movies after learning from you?

Yes, without any doubt. We also provide movie references.

Is malayalam similar to Tamil?

Yes, it is. But remember every language has its own unique feature.When you learn the language you learn it better.

Do you provide malayalam classes through tamil?

Yes, We also provide malayalam classes through Hindi & other langauge too.

Can I learn malayalam for free?

Legend goes like “If you’re good at something never do it for free”.


How to learn Spoken Kannada in a month?

Firstly focus on language structure then derive techniques in real time. Later you will start seeing your progress much more if you have help from language trainers like us.

Do you have Spoken Kannada classes in chennai?

Yes, We have the best spoken kannada class in chennai.

How to learn kannada online?

Simple, Kannada is a highly structured langauge but without a proper human’s guidance it might take a lot of time and effortt without proper language training.

Can I learn Spoken Kannada for free?

Legend goes like “If you’re good at something never do it for free”.

Can I learn to read and write in kannada after your course?

No, Spoken kannada is a different course which doesn’t include reading or writing. But we do have a seperate course for that.


Do you offer spoken Bengali classes in chennai?

Yes, we have spoken bengali class in chennai.

Do you have Spoken Bengali class through Tamil?


How can I learn Bengali from Tamil?

Create a connection. Bengali language can be a acquired very faster than learning in an out dated method.

Can I learn bengali online?

Yes, we offer live online bengali classes. Call +91 9551941475 for Bangla class in chennai.


I am from South India, and I stay in Maharashtra, will learning marathi from you be helpful?

Our Marathi course is designed to help people of your kind. Call +91 9551941475 for more details.

Do you teach spoken Marathi online?

Yes, we provie online spoken marathi class in chennai.

Do Hindi people understand Marathi?

Some similarities exists between hindi and marathi as both have the same devanagri script. But deep down when you start learning marathi then you realize that marathi has its own grammer, vocabularies which makes it unique.

Do you have spoken marathi classes in chennai?

Yes, we have best spoken marathi class in chennai.

I am originally a Maharashtrian or Maratha whose ancestors had long back settled in Cannada. Since then, we have been staying here.I wish to learn Marathi!

You will feel deeply rooted after learning to speak in marathi. Spoken marathi can be acquired very fast with our personalised sessions and interactive methodology.


Can I speak french in 30 days?

Yes, you can. French level one can be achieved in 30 days.

I don’t know french at all, would it work?

We can start from the scratch and it works.


Do you teach spanish online?

Yes ,we do.

I want to learn spanish but I can attend the class only on weekends!

The interest to learn a language matters. We provide the course in flexible days and timings so that you can reach your goal successfully