About Jaya Language Academy

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Jaya Language academy was established to break down the barriers and difficulties in Speaking another language Jaya language academy have been training Language courses to people in various professions like Actors, Bankers, Doctors, Directors, Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Lawyers, Students and housewives too. We have also trained Multinational and corporate companies for language development program (click here to view some of corporate companies trained by us). Furthermore, we have an interesting way to understand the language. Our innovative learning techniques help our students to attain proficiency in speaking the language.
If you have been looking to learn a new language , then welcome to the finest place for language learning . When you are moving to another part of India or another country, where you don't have any common language to communicate rather than English Then you will surely need to learn the language there to convey and interact with the people over there.

Jaya language academy have trained more than 10000+ people in communicating the language fluently which they need.  Being a passionate language learner Ms.Jaya in her early childhood started learning Various languages. Not ending up with just learning the languages, she went on to teach these languages to several people for over two decades. Initially Ms.Jaya used to take classes for the neighbors and to well known people around. But, later on, people from faraway places like chengalpattu and even thiruthani started coming to learn languages. This made her to venture into this novel concept.


So Why not do this language teaching professionally? There are so many professionals who need to learn other languages in their daily aspects of such as for Handling other language clients, For finding a better job in multinational companies using this learnt additional language as an career asset, for person who travels a lot and does not want to feel like an outsider to the place they go, People who want to improve their fluency level or master in the language. Thus so far under the banner of “Jaya’s Language Academy” with a team of tutors, we have taught to more than 5000 people in all age groups including Multinational corporate companies.

Founder (Ms.JAYA)

Ms.Jaya, being the founder of Jaya’s Language Academy say’s that “Everyone must get into an attempt of learning a new language so that they can explore the culture richness of the language with unique ways of talking, communicating which makes learning a language extremely fun. It is also proven that learning a language makes your Brain active and makes it more sharper as language learning does brain exercising.