Spoken Telugu Home Tutors in Chennai
Spoken Telugu Home Tutors in Chennai

Telugu is one one of the oldest living language of the world with ancient classical literature and tradition of the world containing estimated history of more than 3000 years. If you are in Andhara, you will find opportunities expanding once you learn Telugu. Learning Telugu is also helpful for thousands of government officials who are not native Telugu speaker. So You will find Telugu speaking community all over India as well in the world. Your Telugu speaking neighbor is bound to love you more if you could communicate with them in Telugu. As India and Telugu are growing in the importance in world with more content on the web, e-commerce and growing consumer market, use of Telugu is inevitable for international trade. Learn Telugu to reach this large market. To connect with this massive market of over 80 million Telugu speakers worldwide, knowing and use of some Telugu will certainly brighten the prospects of boosting your sales.

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Alumini Testimonials

  • Being an Advocate , I needed Hindi a lot. I joined for Hindi to read, write and speak. After joining within 2 days i was able to read Hindi. I was really astonished and amazed .I was impressed by the teaching and even started to refer this institute to my friends.

  • Even after reading Hindi as a subject in school for years and years , Speaking Hindi was difficult to me .But after joining in Jaya language academy i am able to speak Hindi fluently. I really thank Jaya mam for making me feel speaking Hindi is simple and achieve fluency .

  • I always felt that learning Another language is difficult and becoming fluent in that language is Impossible. But after joining , All my negativity over learning language was vanished because i was able to do what i felt impossible. If are looking for good place to learn languages I strongly recommend this institute.