Frequently asked Questions on Kannada(FAQ's)

We start fresh batches every month. You can get to know the commencement of batches by calling "Jaya language academy" @ 9551941475.To enroll, Then by calling register yourself for the batch at your comfortable timings or else if you are interested in joining online call "Jaya language academy" @ 9551941475.

Starting to learn Kannada online is more easier in today's technology advancement !You Do Shopping Through Mobile or Computer and choose the best for you by yourself , likewise why cant you learn through Mobile or Computer , it will be the best unless or until you experience a class .( kindly Give us An Opportunity to Explain Clearly By Calling us )

Anybody above 12 years can join our spoken Kannada class and all you require is the desire and will to learn Kannada.

Not like Homework/Assignments ,But we will guide you to do an innovative self practice .We will even suggest you to watch Kannada movies/ Programmes to learn spoken Kannada more quicker and better.

The lesser you know the faster and quicker you learn.

We have a created an unique methodology which does not require you to learn the alphabets of Kannada, which enables you to Speak Kannada day 1 itself.

Well , Reading and writing is required apart from spoken Kannada as it will make you an literate person in Kannada.You can improve your vocabulary by reading newspapers and books which can boost up your fluency. We do have a special course for reading and writing.

Yes you will , If you attain the classes regularly and do what is required. You will not only be able to speak Kannada but you will be able to speak Kannada fluently and you will be amazed by your fluency in Kannada. Our motto has always been timely service, best quality in optimum cost. So We have several success stories of people speaking Kannada after the completion of course.

Yes , if you need.

You must definitely join to touch up your grammar to speak Kannada fluently and confidently without any stuck up.

Yes ,we have special training program for foreigners/Celebrities which will make you feel comfortable in learning Spoken Kannada.

Being a learner at "Jaya language academy" anyone is welcome to clarify his or her doubts.

Yes we do, If you require. But the fact that you are able to speak Kannada after the completion of course isn't it way more than the authentic certificate.

Yes but only on genuine reason.

You will be learning Spoken Kannada through native speakers who are highly qualified and professional in teaching languages.

In that case , You can opt for our Online Kannada Class.We have done spoken Kannada training to so many people in USA ,Malaysia and around the world through skype and other video calling applications who have been able to speak Kannada fluently.

Yes, materials will be provided for FREE, For online learners the materials will be sent to you by email.

Quality matters .You can get things in less money but to get worthy things you need to spend some more. But in the end spending money on learning always turns to ne useful and worthy.

Yes , we have successfully trained many corporates around Chennai and are also ready to conduct special training program for your employees to learn spoken Kannada.

Alumini Testimonials

  • Being an Advocate , I needed Hindi a lot. I joined for Hindi to read, write and speak. After joining within 2 days i was able to read Hindi. I was really astonished and amazed .I was impressed by the teaching and even started to refer this institute to my friends.

  • Even after reading Hindi as a subject in school for years and years , Speaking Hindi was difficult to me .But after joining in Jaya language academy i am able to speak Hindi fluently. I really thank Jaya mam for making me feel speaking Hindi is simple and achieve fluency .

  • I always felt that learning Another language is difficult and becoming fluent in that language is Impossible. But after joining , All my negativity over learning language was vanished because i was able to do what i felt impossible. If are looking for good place to learn languages I strongly recommend this institute.