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Spoken Classes & Home Tutors for Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam in Chennai

Welcome to "JAYA Language Academy"

Jaya Language academy was established to break down the barriers and difficulties in Speaking another language Jaya language academy have been training Language courses to people in various professions like Actors, Bankers, Doctors, Directors, Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Lawyers, Students and housewives too. We have also trained Multinational and corporate companies for language development program (click here to view some of corporate companies trained by us). Furthermore, we have an interesting way to understand the language. Our innovative learning techniques help our students to attain proficiency in speaking the language.

If you have been looking to learn a new language , then welcome to the finest place for language learning . When you are moving to another part of India or another country, where you don't have any common language to communicate rather than English Then you will surely need to learn the language there to convey and interact with the people over there.Jaya language academy have trained more than 10000+ people in communicating the language fluently which they need.


In what way we are different from others ?

So what are you waiting For?

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Learn a new language and give yourself a new dimension

We have an unique methodology which does not require you to learn reading and writing of the language i.e. Alphabets of the language. So you can start speaking from day 1 itself which makes the language easier to you.

We have branches and classes in all timings from which you can choose your convenient Timing. You can even change your timings in case of any occasion.

People who don't feel comfortable in a batch (2 or 3 members) can also opt for individual classes' i.e. one to one training.

We teach language only through Native speakers trained in our methodology of Language teaching and who are highly experienced in teaching language.

Those professionals who cannot attend class regularly can also it attend in weekends and obtain the course.

Yes, you heard it right. Speak the desired language like your mother tongue.You will be amazed by your fluency when you complete the course .See the class for yourself and you will ensure the words by us.

Yes, we do provide home tutors at your doorstep who can make well fluent in the language you need.

You do Shopping Through Mobile or Computer and choose the best for you by yourself , likewise why can't you learn through Mobile or Computer , it will be the best unless or until you experience a class .( Please Give us An Opportunity to Explain Clearly By Calling us )

Spoken English

English is the most widely and commonly used language in the world. Lacking Fluency in English is the major problem .No matter what your Academic skills might be ,you will be judged only through your English communication .

Spoken Hindi

Hindi is the fourth-most natively spoken language in the world Hindi is the widely spoken in India .More than half of Indian's have got Hindi as their mother tongue and so Hindi is the most major spoken language in India.

Spoken French

French is a fantastic intellectual challenge! The French language is spoken on five continents. It has official-language status in 29 countries, including Belgium, Haiti, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Monaco, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Canada, Mali and more.

Spoken Telugu

Telugu is the most widely-spoken Dravidian language. It is one of six languages designated ad classical language of India by the Government of India.

Spoken Malayalam

Malayalam is the language of Kerala, the southwest-most state in India. It is spoken by almost 40 million people, which is approximately the population of Spain, and is larger than the population of Canada.

Few corporates trained by us


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